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Most of the good stuff is locked under a friends-only filter. Some of my business is pretty personal, and I'm not fond of everyone on the damn internet being able to see it, dig?

If you want on my list, leave a comment. And I reserve the right to say yes, no, maybe or even ignore ya. You have been warned. :)
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The sun is shining and the Snowpocalypse of 2010 is but a distant memory. But DAMN it's still colder than a witch's uh...wait, this is a family fun event, uh...colder than a roller derby queen's heart when she goes in to massacre the opposing jammer.

Jammer? What?

No, that is not a nice Amish lady responsible for the tasty treats on your toast in the morning, goober. In roller derby, the jammer is the skater with the star on her helmet, and she scores points for her team by passing opposing players on the track.

So here's the deal:

There's a biggo renaissance of roller derby all over the damn country. Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page made a feature film, leagues are popping up all over like crazy, and you, YOU have a seriously badass (ranked 9th on the East Coast, dig?) league RIGHT HERE at the DC Armory.

Righteous women on wheels? Check.
Speeds that'll make you wish you'd sat farther back? Check.
Suicide seats? Double Check.
Family fun, facepainting for the kiddies *and* beer? Checkity check. Oh yes.

fancy dancy graphic under the cut, dig? )
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It's that time of the month again. No, I'm not talking about redoing the chore wheel at your group house or washing the car (every month? holy CRAP you keep a clean vehicle) or even calling up Aunt Marge to tell her you love her (and hope she keeps sending those "birthday" checks every 30 days).

Nope. While of course we're thankful for chores done and clean cars and most def Aunt Marge, I'm talking about GIVING THANKS FOR ROLLER DERBY!

That's right, once again it's time to put on your party shoes and haul butt down to the DC Armory THIS SATURDAY for some rockin' sockin' four wheeled action!

Amazingly athletic skaters!
Serious scintillating scoring!
Wild and wonderful halftime entertainment!
Beer for which I have no alliteration!

So come on down to the DC Armory in TWO SHORT DAYS which means THIS SATURDAY and give thanks for all these fantastic women skating around and knocking the everliving crap out of each other, ok? fancy dancy graphic right here )

November 28th - THIS SATURDAY
DC Armory
Stadium Armory Metro
Doors at 3pm, bout at 4
Adults $12, Kids 6-11 $5, and 5 and under are free!

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Check it out, I got to interview the fantastico Bear Bergman for my fave progressive blog in the whole world!!!

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YES, there will be beer.

Why YES, that WAS Holly Morris interviewing the DC Rollergirls on Fox 5 this week in a three part series.

YES, tix are $12 for grownups, $6 for kids 11 and under and FREE for kiddies under 6.

YES, you can sit up close and near the action but don't say I didn't warn you.

YES YES YES, please come join us for our BACK TO SCHOOL BRAWL!

fancy dancy graphic under the cut, of course )

Doors 3pm, Action 4pm
DC ARMORY, Stadium Armory Metro

Tickets available at:
or onsite at the bout!
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Instead of saucy commentary, I'm going to just lay it all out (for once).

Transgender Health Empowerment, T.H.E., is a very, VERY important service organization for our community. They serve the people in our community that need them most. We're talking the edge of the margins of the marginalized, folks. T.H.E. gives our people services they couldn't otherwise afford: basic things like health education, HIV testing, counseling, and even supportive housing.

Did I mention that T.H.E's been in a serious shitstorm lately? The city cut nearly all their funding, and two transwomen leaving T.H.E's building were attacked and knifed recently. One of them died, and the murderer? Still at large.

Transgender Health Empowerment is in a hole, and you're the shovel that can help dig them out.

Please consider attending a very special benefit TONIGHT at Phase 1. There's gonna be kickass performances and amazing raffle prizes like:

$50 to Pleasure Place
Two $25 gift certificates to Lambda Rising
$50 towards dinner for two at Jack's
An entire weekend pass to PhaseFest
Two $25 gift certificates to Sugar in Baltimore...

..and a whole lot more.

Please come and celebrate T.H.E.'s mission:

"The mission of T.H.E. Inc. is to enhance the quality of life of the diverse transgender populations we serve by advocating for and supporting a continuum of health and social services. In fulfilling our mission, we seek to unify and empower the transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities."

It's imporant. See you tonight.

performance deets, even )
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Slut Night, inspired by the courageous Butch & Femme community nationwide, is a night dedicated to limitless self-expression and decadent sexuality. It is a reclamation, a rejoicing at a venue in which DC's queer women and transfolk can feel free to be the sexiest version of themselves.

Join us for a Phase Fest fundraiser like no other by coming to Slut Night in whatever makes you feel most sexy...cleavage, ties, stilettos, boots, polos, feathers or even just jeans. This is a no-holds-barred event where you can be you and be positively free to engage your personal definition of "slutty."

Hosted by Phase 1 Lounge and brought to you by Lure, Where the girls go & Boi Promotions, Slut Night will feature an all-encompassing opportunity to experience sexy. There will be tantalizing performances, shot specials, and door prizes galore!

Cover $10. You must be 21+ years old to enter Phase 1.

This Friday!
Phase 1 Lounge
525 8th St. SE
9pm until you're good and done

Phase Fest 2009 is the East Coast's largest Queer Music and Arts Festival and will be held September 24-26th, 2009. For more information about the event and Phase Fest, visit www.phasefestdc.com.
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Turns out that the first badass female rapper of all time is a super smartypants. She went back and looked at her record contract where it said Warner Bros. would pay her tuition...for life.

Just call her Dr. Roxanne. And she's using that education to give back to the community, too.

Hot fucking DAMN.

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I just read a fantastic article on the idea that we're literally becoming a fascist state. You can read the whole thing here. http://www.ourfuture.org/blog-entry/2009083205/fascist-america-are-we-there-yet

Here's my own recap of the first part of the article, with direct quotes in italics.

There are the five stages of how facsism unfolds in modern society, according to historian Robert Paxton (a big-time authority on fascist movements).

Stage One
A movement emerges based on a nationalist revival.

They come together to restore a broken social order, always drawing on themes of unity, order, and purity. Reason is rejected in favor of passionate emotion. The way the organizing story is told varies from country to country; but it's always rooted in the promise of restoring lost national pride by resurrecting the culture's traditional myths and values, and purging society of the toxic influence of the outsiders and intellectuals who are blamed for their current misery.

Stage Two
The fascist movement establishes itself as a valid political force, acquires real power and seizes a seat at the table.

Paxton wrote that succeeding at the second stage "depends on certain relatively precise conditions: the weakness of a liberal state, whose inadequacies condemn the nation to disorder, decline, or humiliation; and political deadlock because the Right, the heir to power but unable to continue to wield it alone, refuses to accept a growing Left as a legitimate governing partner."

..And more ominously: my skin is practically crawling, holy CRAP )

Do we even need to get to Stages Four and Five?

Jesus fucking CHRIST this stuff scares the piss outta me.
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This is *actual gay comedy* with actual gay (and they're REALLLY GAY) comedians, folks. You heard right. Actual gays! Doing THREE WHOLE shows, even!

Translation: this is NOT some sophomoric straight asshole being "ironic" or "edgy" by acting out every single stupid stereotype about gay men and expecting us all to say ha ha ha! I am so AMUSED that a heterosexual dude is playing up all ugly things gay so that he can a) make money and b) make money and c) oh yeah, MAKE MONEY.

Where was I? Oh yeah, money. These shows are bargains, people. Three fantastic queer comedians for awfully damn cheap.

First there's kickass cable TV and Logo Network regular ANT, then the aptly named (and ridiculously cute) Jason Dudey, and my own personal favorite badass dyke comedian Sabrina Matthews. I can personally vouch for her stupidly high stage show laugh-levels, and I'm not just saying that because her Comedy Central tv special was AWESOME (although it did crack me the hell up).

Flyers after the cut. Because I care, people.

SUNDAY, July 19th, at 7 & 9pm
The Comedy Factory
36 Light Street, B'more MD
Reservations: 410.547.7798
$17, with a portion to benefit GLCCB

WEDNESDAY, July 22 at 9:30
Blue Moon in Rehoboth
35 Baltimore Ave

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Food, Inc.

Jun. 24th, 2009 05:37 pm
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Get your ass to see this movie, ASAP.

(here's the youtube url if the clip below doesn't load:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eKYyD14d_0 )

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I loooove you. Especially *because* of your big fat dyke self, missy.

Feel free to search for "the gossip" and "live" on youtube; there's a bunch of clips of her romping around delightedly in her underpants onstage that are totally made of AWESOME.

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So A&E is publicizing their new show about MC Hammer and hired...a huge flash mob to do the Hammer dance in a store in LA.

Utterly AWESOME. Especially the guy who has to be at least 60 in a tie Hammering his ass off at about 0:52.

Safe for work if your office is cool with ONE HUNDRED PAIRS OF GOLD HAMMER PANTS. )
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Every once in awhile, you get a chance to do something good. It can be as small as helping a stranger in need load groceries into their car, or as big as giving a ginormous chunk of money to Planned Parenthood in honor of Dr. Tiller.

I want something in-between from you.

Fran Varian is one of us. Ours. She's a badass queer femme, and she's spent her whole fucking career as a health worker, counselor and women's health activist...and making precious little money doing it. She's also an extraordinary artist, and her words pack a gorgeous and painful wallop that I highly encourage you to experience.

She's also sick. Fran has late-stage Lyme disease, and after 14 years of mis-diagnosis the disease has destroyed her system.

In order for Fran to get treatment, she needs money.

It won't take much from enough of you. You can go to her page and donate just $10/month, $20/month, whatever you can afford even in a one-time donation, and trust me, it will do more good than you can know.

Please. Please go to http://www.helphealfran.org and donate now.

I did. Will you?

Because we must take care of our own. WE MUST.


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Protest the CA Supreme Court upholding Proposition 8 TONIGHT at DUPONT CIRCLE, 8:30PM.

Bring signs, bullhorns, bring whatever (and whomever) you can!

The local facebook page for the demonstration:

For updates on all local demonstrations nationwide, please go to:

Day Of Decision
Proposition 8
8:30 PM
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Okay, the word is out from the California Supreme Court. Officially, even.

The Day of Decision for Prop 8 is coming down THIS TUESDAY, Thursday May 26.

We'll either celebrate or demonstrate at DUPONT CIRCLE, 8:30PM. Bring signs, bullhorns, bring whatever (and whomever) you can!

For updates on all local demonstrations nationwide, please go to:

Day Of Decision
Proposition 8
8:30 PM

(for more information, please contact the organizers, kellan.baker@gmail.com and/or jenna.lowenstein@gmail.com)
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You know, even when I vehemently disagree with people whose opinions I find disgusting, abhorrent or even utterly unacceptable, I don't engage in unfair attacks.

Because the LAST thing I want to do is convey, especially to bigots, that it's okay to be racist, sexist, fatphobic, transphobic, homophobic, ablist, or a host of other unacceptable prejudices, just because I don't like someone.

It's never okay, under any circumstances. Ever.

That said, please be warned that this link/story may be very, very triggering.

My heart is just fucking broken, people. And the next person that uses fat as an insult is going to have a serious goddam issue with me and my BIG FAT MOUTH.


text of story under the cut for the link-phobic, although I recommend clicking through the above for the comments )
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Okay folks, this is the latest. I can't figure out if this makes me feel hopeful or hopeless.

EXCLUSIVE: SF Mayor Asked Court To Delay Prop 8

Confidential sources close to San Francisco City Hall told Towleroad's Corey Johnson that the California Supreme Court was prepared to release its opinion on Proposition 8 tomorrow, but decided to delay the ruling after a call from Mayor Gavin Newsom.

"Newsom reached out to the Supreme Court and asked them to hold off releasing their decision so it did not coincide with the White Night riots," said our source.

As mentioned earlier, a ruling Thursday would have fallen on the 30th anniversary of the San Francisco riots, which were set off when the court handed down the most lenient decision possible (voluntary manslaughter) against Dan White for the murders of supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone. The ensuing riots in San Francisco on May 21, 1979 caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

Source: http://www.towleroad.com/2009/05/exclusive-sf-mayor-gavin-newsom-asked-court-to-delay-prop-8-ruling.html

Rest assured, there WILL be a Day of Decision celebration or demonstration when the CA Supreme Court makes the announcement. Traditionally, the court releases decisions on Mondays and Thursdays, and the deadline is June 3. So the remaining possible dates are:

Tues May 26 (because of the holiday)
Thurs May 28
Mon June 1

I'll send out the notice as soon as I get it, but for now there is no set date for the Day of Decision. I'll keep you all posted!
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It looks like the Day of Decision for Prop 8 is coming down TOMORROW, Thursday May 21.

We'll either celebrate or demonstrate at DUPONT CIRCLE, 8:30PM. Bring signs, bullhorns, bring whatever (and whomever) you can!

Tomorrow is also the 30th anniversary of the White Night Riots in San Francisco which occurred after Dan White was given the most lenient sentence possible after murdering Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone.

In addition, Friday would have been Harvey's 79th birthday.

For updates on all local demonstrations nationwide, please go to:

Day Of Decision
Proposition 8
8:30 PM

(for more information, please contact the organizers, kellan.baker@gmail.com and/or jenna.lowenstein@gmail.com)

National Facebook Day of Decision page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=68422232194
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