May. 4th, 2009 12:11 pm
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I'm sorry to report that Ivi Monroe, aka Rock 'n Roll Ramona, died late last month in the Bay Area. She was a pretty vital character in the history of dyke sex workers, dancing in some of the very first lesbian strip shows in the country in the 1980's, as well as posing for one of the very first issues of On Our Backs (in 1985? '84, maybe?). I knew her as a co-worker, a seriously badass femme, and a big ole honkin' pervert. Rest in peace, chickadee. I bet the butches miss you already.

Here are the deets that I know so far:

June 8, 1961 - April 22, 2009

Local legend, Ivi Monroe (aka Rock 'n Roll Ramona) went to that big rock show in the sky on Wednesday, April 22, 2009. She was 48 years old.

She was a writer, singer, sex worker and exotic dancer well known at many San Francisco venues such as Mitchell Brothers, The BayBrick, Chez Badunkadunk and a number of others including her own club, Lez Burlesque.

In 2001 she organized The Stripper's Ball as a benefit for activist Daisy Anarchy.
Her songs can be heard here:

Sadly it was a suicide. She was found at her apartment in Vallejo, by her lover, Diane Melrose on Saturday, 4/25.

She is survived by her mother, Nancy Mast and sister Debbie Mast of Columbus Ohio, and her son, Daniel, age 12, with her ex, Jenine.

A date has not yet been set for her memorial.
For more info please contact Diane Melrose: 415.785.4259
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Because really, the gay storm suuuuure is a'comin'.


no words

Apr. 10th, 2009 12:34 pm
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My heart just fucking breaks for this kid, and his family, and his friends.

That's why I call out every single person that uses gay as a slur or insult. Because if enough of us do it, then this kind of shit will eventually stop happening.

(the link is about a child that committed suicide, if you're triggered by this I recommend you don't click)

full text after the cut )
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Oh now you KNOW there's a lot more to a Diva than Beyonce says, honey. 'Cause these Divas aren't just hustling. They're running and blocking and tackling and kicking some major footballin' ASS.

Hmmm. This happens every time I start thinking about women's tackle football...I start daydreaming about all those badass women on the field and lose my train of thought. Now where was I?

Oh right. The DC Divas.

Yes, the season starts in April.
Yes, it is full tackle women's football.
Yes, you can buy game tickets at
Yes, you will get THREE FREE DRINKS with your $10 admission at the Divas' Kickoff Party THIS SATURDAY at 5pm. graphic with deets under the cut )
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Yep, it's your last damn chance to head on down to Dyke Night, dig?
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Thanks to several separate facebook peeps, I can. not. stop. watching. this.

Seriously, it's giving me fucking goosebumps. Then I wanna dance. Then more goosebumps. Jesus.

I have such massive love in my heart for the drag queens and big ole musclebound dancer fags and all of us gorgeously massive freaks and weirdos and queers.

The whole number is pretty spectacular but you should seriously watch the first 30 seconds. I've watched it about, oh, fifteen times now.

People, this is the greatest entrance in the history of drag. EVAR.

Tandi Iman Dupree in the Miss Black America Pageant, 2001.
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Yep, in just two short days it's your last damn chance to head on down to Dyke Night, dig?
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Liss at Shakesville mentioned how normalization can *sometimes* be cause for celebration, and I couldn't agree with her more.

transcript of the relevant badassedness under the cut )
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Come on down and join us TONIGHT for our second-to-last Dyke Night, why dontcha?
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To all the wonderful supporters of Dyke Night:

In February of 2002, Schelli Dittmann and Max Steiner decided that the leatherdykes in this town needed an event of our own, and they started Dyke Night at the DC Eagle. Without the two of them, there would be no Dyke Night, and we're damn lucky that they stepped up to the plate to make something special for us.

Over the last six years, Dyke Night has grown and changed a great deal: we got a LOT bigger, focused on conscious (and continuous) outreach to transfolk and dykes of color, started a yahoogroup, wrote monthly announcements, started a myspace page, took (and posted online) monthly photos, created a LiveJournal community, and above all did our very best to be a friendly, casual and welcoming space for ALL of us: the dyke, queer and trans community and our friends.

And now, 71 months, entirely too many online posts, and approximately 1,236 posted photos later, we're moving on. It's been one hell of a ride, folks, and it couldn't have happened without the following people:

Schelli Dittmann, Dyke Night founder
Max Steiner, Dyke Night founder
Bill and Ted of the DC Eagle
Meaghan O'Malley
The DC Kings
MetroWeekly and the Washington Blade
and of COURSE all of you terrific Dyke Night cheerleaders and supporters over the years.

So please come join me THIS WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28 for (the second-to-last) Dyke Night at the DC Eagle. There will be, as always, cheap drinks, pool tables and absolutely no attitude. And oh yeah, it's FREE.

And you KNOW we're planning a blowout 6th birthday/finale Dyke Night in February. Of COURSE. See you at the DC Eagle THIS WEDNESDAY!

9pm until you're finished, dammit (aka 2am)
639 New York Avenue NW
202.347.6025FAQ and deets )
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Read it and weep, we're taking exmess eve off so there is no Dyke Night this month!
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I heart Jack Black. And Allison Janney. And John C. Reilly. And Craig Robinson from the Office. And Maya Rudolph. And Margaret Cho. And Neil Patrick Harris.

This seriously almost made me pee.

Proposition 8: The Musical

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die
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Come on out and throw it down pre-Thanksgiving style at Dyke Night TONIGHT.
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Today is the International Transgender Day of Remembrance. The lovely [ profile] goodbadgirl says it a hell of a lot better than I ever could.

And she's fucking right. 30 is thirty too fucking many.
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Now I can check one more thing off my list of stuff I've always wanted to do.

Clicky clicky to see my guest post on Shakesville (unless you care that I mostly took some of my original recap and added to it. In that case, uh...nevermind).
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Hey folks:

Tomorrow is the Prop 8 protest, and DC is expecting THOUSANDS to show up and walk for our rights.

This not lobbying.
This is not trying to somehow change current domestic partnership laws in DC.
This is not addressing any specific member of congress, DC city councilperson or city official.

This IS part of a national (and massive) grassroots effort to stand up and make very simple and positive statement, loud and clear, to EVERYONE:

YES on Gay Marriage, NO on H8.

Join in, why dontcha?

1:30 PM
U.S. Capitol Reflecting Pool
100 Constitution Ave NE



DOWNLOAD PROTEST SIGNS (or upload and share your own!):
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Ok, I fucking LOVE this.

And anyone that responds with something like "violent (sic) actions don't benefit our community" or "there are two sides to every issue" or "that's an inappropriate way to express anger" will be, at a minimum, roundly mocked.

texty behind the cut for the linkphobic )
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Keith Olberman is quite extraordinary in the video clip below.

THIS is EXACTLY what I'm talking about when I say we need straight allies. Wow.


Nov. 10th, 2008 04:09 pm
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At the risk of sounding like a massively less-eloquent version of many brilliant souls on my flist and fave blogs...

Dear white GLBT community:

Black voters are not responsible for Prop. 8 passing. Blaming the African-American community is just as incorrect as blaming senior citizens, or Catholics, or any other clearly defined group of people that voted for the damn thing. Except it's a LOT more fucking divisive and makes you look like a bigoted shithead. So knock it the fuck OFF already, ok?

And oh yeah, racism is not over just because a black man is in the White House. Nothing, absolutely nothing will EVER erase the history of African-American enslavement in the United States, nor the history of institutionalized racism entrenched in our culture. We can't change history, but we can certainly ponder the implications of it and work on changing our own unconscious attitudes about race, and class, and a host of the other -isms that keep interfering with those wacky little things called civil rights.

And white people, this is also specifically directed at you: you live, *I* live in a racist culture that perpetuates the idea, in thousands of ways every single fucking day, that white is the default, that white is better, smarter, prettier, and the most desirable skin color. We live in a world where white people AUTOMATICALLY possess a certain level of privilege and access to things like education and jobs solely based on melanin, for fuck's sake.

I am asking you to wake the fuck up and acknowledge your privilege.Read more... )

Seriously, people, making a difference is not hard. It's also not always easy and it's not always fun.

It's just right. So DO IT already, willya?
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...that Barack Obama is fun, so far.

Dude has his own fucking Photobucket account.

Here is the photo set from his personal photographer on election night of the Obama family waiting for the results, seeing them, then President-elect Obama speechifying.

Try not to blub.
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