Sep. 16th, 2009

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Instead of saucy commentary, I'm going to just lay it all out (for once).

Transgender Health Empowerment, T.H.E., is a very, VERY important service organization for our community. They serve the people in our community that need them most. We're talking the edge of the margins of the marginalized, folks. T.H.E. gives our people services they couldn't otherwise afford: basic things like health education, HIV testing, counseling, and even supportive housing.

Did I mention that T.H.E's been in a serious shitstorm lately? The city cut nearly all their funding, and two transwomen leaving T.H.E's building were attacked and knifed recently. One of them died, and the murderer? Still at large.

Transgender Health Empowerment is in a hole, and you're the shovel that can help dig them out.

Please consider attending a very special benefit TONIGHT at Phase 1. There's gonna be kickass performances and amazing raffle prizes like:

$50 to Pleasure Place
Two $25 gift certificates to Lambda Rising
$50 towards dinner for two at Jack's
An entire weekend pass to PhaseFest
Two $25 gift certificates to Sugar in Baltimore...

..and a whole lot more.

Please come and celebrate T.H.E.'s mission:

"The mission of T.H.E. Inc. is to enhance the quality of life of the diverse transgender populations we serve by advocating for and supporting a continuum of health and social services. In fulfilling our mission, we seek to unify and empower the transgender, lesbian, gay, and bisexual communities."

It's imporant. See you tonight.

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